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Join the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Utah


Networking: The chamber offers a unique opportunity to establish valuable contacts with other business owners, community leaders and government representatives, expanding your network of contacts and potential business partners.

Visibility: Being a chamber member can increase your company’s visibility through advertising opportunities at events, social media, the chamber website and other promotional platforms.

Access to Resources and Information: Members have access to exclusive resources such as market research reports, information on business regulations, financing opportunities and business development programs.

Advocacy and Representation: The chamber acts as an advocate for business interests, representing members on legislative, political and regulatory issues that affect the local and regional business environment.

Professional Development: The chamber offers professional development programs, workshops, seminars and trainings to help members improve their leadership, management and entrepreneurship skills.

Exclusive Discounts and Benefits: Members can enjoy special discounts on products and services from the chamber’s commercial partners, such as insurance, banking services, office space rental, among others.

Participation in Events and Programs: Members have the opportunity to participate in exclusive chamber events, such as networking cocktails, trade fairs, trade missions, themed lunches and dinners, as well as mentoring and business exchange programs.

Community Impact: By becoming a chamber member, you contribute to the economic and social development of the community by supporting initiatives and projects that promote sustainable growth, diversity and inclusion.


Lead Generation and New Business: By participating in chamber networking events, members have the opportunity to connect with other business owners, potential customers and business partners. These connections can lead to the generation of qualified leads and the closing of new deals, thus increasing the company’s revenue.

Strategic Partnerships: Networking allows members to find strategic partners for collaborations on joint projects, product or service development, joint marketing and expansion into new markets. These partnerships can result in profitable business opportunities and mutual growth for all parties involved.

Access to Potential Customers: Attending chamber of commerce events allows members to position themselves as experts in their field and increase the visibility of their companies. This can attract potential customers who are present at events and are looking for specific products or services that members offer.

Recommendations and Referrals: Chamber members often share business referrals with each other, recommending each other’s products or services to their networks. These recommendations can lead to valuable business opportunities and result in increased sales and business growth.

Access to Exclusive Resources and Opportunities: In addition to direct networking, chamber members have access to exclusive resources such as financing opportunities, business development programs and insider information on market trends and business opportunities. These features can help members make more informed and strategic decisions that positively impact their operations and financial results.

Therefore, by investing in chamber of commerce membership and enjoying the benefits of networking, members have the opportunity to grow their businesses, increase their revenues, and achieve a significant financial return on their investment.

Membership covers you 12 months from the day you join

Membership Application

Membership Type

    • Individual: One person representing the business 
    • Entrepreneur: 2-10 employees 
    • Non-Profit Org: All employees of the non-profit 
    • Small Business: 15-50 Employees 
    • Corporate: 50 Employees/Multiple Locations 
    • Friend: All Benefits 
    • Commercial/Trade: Customized Membership Program 
    • Patron: Customized Membership Program

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