Join a Committee

Join a Committee

Committee Overview:

Become an integral part of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Utah by joining one of our dynamic committees. Our committees play a vital role in shaping the chamber’s initiatives, fostering collaboration, and driving meaningful impact within the community. Explore the various committees below to find your ideal fit:

1. Immigration Committee:

Focus: Advocacy and support for immigration-related matters.
Engage: Connect with professionals passionate about immigration issues and contribute to positive change.

2. Education Committee:

Focus: Promoting educational initiatives within the community.
Engage: Play a role in shaping educational programs, seminars, and workshops for our members.

3. Employment Committee:

Focus: Supporting members in employment-related matters.
Engage: Contribute to programs that enhance employment opportunities and career growth.

4. Humanitarian Committee:

Focus: Initiatives aimed at community welfare and humanitarian causes.
Engage: Make a difference by participating in projects that uplift and support those in need.

5. Health & Medical Resources Committee:

Focus: Enhancing access to health and medical resources for the community.
Engage: Contribute to initiatives that promote the well-being of our members.

Committee Application:

Ready to contribute your skills and passion to one of our committees? Apply now and be a driving force behind the chamber’s initiatives.

Joining a committee is not just an opportunity to contribute—it’s a chance to connect with like-minded individuals, shape meaningful projects, and be an active participant in the growth of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Utah.

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