Policy Advocacy

Legislative Initiatives:

At the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Utah, we actively engage in legislative initiatives that shape the economic landscape and
promote the interests of our vibrant community. Stay informed about our advocacy efforts, legislative partnerships, and the impact we aim to achieve.

Current Legislative Focus: 

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Past Advocacy Success:

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Our commitment to advocacy is fortified by clear position statements and policies that align with the mission of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Utah. Explore our stance on key issues, policy statements, and our dedication to fostering a conducive business environment.

Key Policy Statements:

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– [Policy Title]
– [Brief Overview]
– [Alignment with Chamber’s Mission]
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How You Can Get Involved:

Your voice matters. Join us in advocating for policies that strengthen the business community, foster collaboration, and drive economic growth. Explore opportunities to participate in our advocacy initiatives and contribute to the collective voice of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Utah.

Together, let’s shape a business-friendly environment and advocate for policies that empower our community.

For inquiries or more information, contact us:

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